Frequently Asked Questions

We know that counselling is a process and it can be daunting. You may have questions on how it works, anticipated outcomes and a whole lot of others. And that is OK.

To help you get going, we’ve pulled together a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions.

If after this you’re still unsure or would like to know more just give me a call on 0410 637 225 or email at so I can support you on your journey.

How can I help you?

Who to contact if you are in crisis or require urgent help
If you are in a crisis, if you are experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or somebody else is in danger, DO NOT use this service.
Call 000 or use these contacts for immediate crisis support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
  • Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636
    Beyond Blue provides support to address issues related to depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other related mental illnesses.
  • Headspace 1800 650 890
    A National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12 and 25 year olds.
  • Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800
    A counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25.
  • Lifeline 13 11 14
    A crisis support and suicide prevention service for all Australians.
  • Mental Health Line 1800 011 511
    The Mental Health Line offers professional help and advice for everyone. Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Parentline 1300 1300 52
    Parent Line is a free telephone counselling and support service for parents and carers with children aged 0 to 18 who live in NSW.
  • Qlife 1800 184 527 
    Provides anonymous and free LGBTIQ+ peer support and referral for people in Australia wanting to talk about sexuality, identity, gender, bodies, feelings or relationships.
  • Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467 
    A free service for people who are suicidal, caring for someone who is suicidal, bereaved by suicide or are health professionals supporting people affected by suicide.

Couples Counselling

What is couples counselling, and how does it work?

Couples counselling, also known as couples therapy, is a form of therapy that helps couples identify and resolve conflicts in their relationship. It is a type of talk therapy where both partners work with a trained therapist to improve communication, strengthen their emotional connection, and develop a better understanding of each other’s needs.

Neha uses the Gottman Method of Therapy, which draws on over four decades of research, to assist couples in building stronger and deeper emotional connection.

What should we expect in a couples counselling session?

At your initial session, Neha will:

  • Get to know you and your partner
  • Ask a number of questions to clarify your thoughts and feelings
  • Help identify patterns of behaviour or communication that may be contributing to your relationship disconnect
  • Ensures both parties are heard and understood
  • Create a plan that outlines the level and type of support you need based on your circumstances
  • Guide your relationship to a safe and secure place
What if my partner doesn’t want to attend couples counselling?

If your partner doesn’t want to attend couples counselling, it can be challenging to move forward with therapy. However, there are a few things you can do to encourage your partner to participate in therapy:

  • Communicate openly: Talk to your partner about why you feel couples counselling is necessary and how it can benefit your relationship. Try to listen to their concerns and be open to their perspective.
  • Be patient: It’s important to remember that your partner may need time to think about attending couples counselling. Give them space to process their thoughts and feelings, but continue to express your willingness to work on your relationship.
  • Offer reassurance: Let your partner know that couples counselling is not about blaming them for the problems in your relationship. It’s a collaborative process where both partners work together to improve the relationship.
  • Seek individual counselling: If your partner still refuses to attend couples counselling, consider seeking individual counselling for yourself. Neha can help you navigate your relationship and develop strategies for improving communication and managing conflict.

Ultimately, it’s important to respect your partner’s decision. While couples counselling can be a valuable tool for improving a relationship, both partners must be willing to participate for it to be effective.

How many sessions will we need, and how long do they last?

There is no set number of counselling sessions that you are required to attend. Following your first session, a personalized treatment plan will be created to guide you and your partner on your healing journey.

The number of sessions required may vary based on you and your partners needs and goals. We believe that you both should have an active role in deciding the frequency and duration of your sessions.

The initial session is 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are 60-75 minutes.

How do we know if we need couples counselling?

There are many reasons why couples seek counselling but here are some common signs that you may benefit from couples counselling:

  • Negative communication patterns and issues
  • Emotional distance and feeling of disconnect
  • Trust issues
  • Life transitions that are causing a lot of stress and strain
  • Sexual problems
  • Differences in parenting styles
  • Infidelity
  • Separation and divorce
  • Co-parenting
How much does couples counselling cost?

You can find the fees under Services.

What if we’re not sure if we want to stay together or not?

It’s common for couples to feel unsure about the future of their relationship, and couples counselling can be helpful even if you’re not sure if you want to stay together or not. Couples counselling can provide a safe and supportive space for you and your partner to explore your feelings and concerns, identify the underlying issues in your relationship, and make important decisions about your future together.

Online Counselling
What is online counselling?

Online counselling provides a convenient and accessible option for clients who may not be able to attend in-person sessions. It runs just like a face-to-face session but via Zoom – a secure online video platform.

Is online counselling as effective as in-person counselling?

Yes, online counselling can be just as effective as in-person counselling. Studies have shown that online counselling can be just as beneficial for couples and individuals and it can also provide the added benefit of greater accessibility and convenience.

What are the benefits of online counselling?
  • Zero travel time, making it much easier to have regular appointments if you are short on time or live far away from in-person support
  • Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) compliant platform which means your calls are secured with end-to-end encryption
  • Jump online when it suits you
Who is online counselling for?

Online counselling is an inclusive and convenient option for anyone who may find it difficult to attend in-person sessions, or who simply prefer the flexibility of meeting online. Whether you have a busy schedule managing work and family, have health-related challenges, or live in a remote area, online counselling can provide accessible and safe support to help you overcome life’s challenges.

Are my online counselling sessions secure and confidential?

Yes, our online counselling sessions are secure and confidential. We use Zoom to support your online counselling session. It is safe and secure with end-to-end encryption that delivers a seamless experience.

Tips on how to get the most from your online counselling session

Counselling in the privacy of your home is most effective with the following considerations:

  • It is strongly recommended to get the most out of your session that we see each other on a computer screen/laptop and not a mobile device
  • Please turn off all virtual backgrounds
  • The room you are in is very well lit
  • That you have a good internet connection
  • That the sound on your device is clear and audible
  • That there are no interruptions or distractions
  • That no one is recording the sessions under any circumstances
  • I can see you from your waist up in the camera
Individual Counselling
What is individual counselling? And how does it work?

Individual counselling is a form of mental health therapy where a counsellor/psychotherapist like Neha provide one-on-one sessions to help clients address emotional, mental, and behavioural concerns.

Neha uses a combination of psychodynamic and person-centred therapy, which means she explores the unconscious thoughts, emotions, and past experiences that influences a person’s behaviour and relationships.

What issues are addressed in individual counselling?

Individual counselling can address a range of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, relationship disconnect, grief and loss, life stress and transitions, separation and divorce, childhood trauma in adulthood and many more.

How much does individual counselling cost?

You can find the fees under Services.

What should I expect in an individual counselling session?

At your initial session, Neha will:

  • Get to know you
  • Understand your reasons for seeking counselling
  • Ask a number of questions to clarify your thoughts and feelings
  • Set goals
  • May start to explore the unconscious thoughts, emotions, and past experiences that influences your behaviour
  • Guide you to overcome your obstacles and start achieving your goals
What can I expect from counselling? What is counselling like?

Neha is a trusted, compassionate counsellor/psychotherapist. She has over a decade of experience helping hundreds of couples (heterosexual and LGBTQIA+) and individuals. She creates a safe and non-judgemental space where you are free to be who you are. Neha is there to listen, guide and provide practical tools to help you overcome life’s challenges.

During your first session, Neha will take the time to get to know you and your history, as well as discuss your goals for therapy. In subsequent sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to dig deeper and learn practical strategies to help you grow and transform.

Are my counselling sessions confidential?

Everything you discuss is absolutely confidential and will not be shared unless you or someone else is at risk of serious harm

How do I pay for my counselling sessions?

Payment is made via debit or credit card at the time of booking.

What if I need to cancel or want to reschedule my appointment

If you need to reschedule or can’t make your appointment we will need AT LEAST 48 hours notice (or the full fee will apply).

Your appointment can be rescheduled or cancelled online using the link provided in the online bookings confirmation email (as long as it is outside the 48 hour period). Otherwise please call us on 0410 637 225.

Refunds may be offered under extenuating circumstances, however this will be at the discretion of Novo Empower Counselling.

How many counselling sessions will I need?

There is no set number of counselling sessions that you are required to attend. Following your first session, a personalized treatment plan will be created to guide you on your healing journey.

The number of sessions required may vary based on your individual needs and goals. We believe that you should have an active role in deciding the frequency and duration of your sessions.

Most clients attend weekly or fortnightly sessions initially, gradually reducing to monthly check-ins as they progress. We view counselling as a long-term investment in personal growth and development. After working with Neha for a period of time, you may choose to continue occasional check-in sessions to maintain your progress and well-being.

Do I need to do anything before my first session?

For in-person appointments with Neha, we suggest arriving 5 minutes early to her office at Suite 5.06/15 Kensington St, Kogarah NSW 2217. Please note that there is limited street parking so our recommendation is to park at Derby St car park – parking rates apply.

If you are meeting Neha online, we recommend setting up your session 5-10 minutes before it starts. Make sure your computer’s microphone and camera is working, and that you are comfortable and ready to sit through your session uninterrupted.

While there is no need to prepare anything specific for your first session, some clients find it helpful to jot down notes about topics they want to address or work on with Neha. Remember, there’s no pressure to have everything figured out from the get-go.

Are Mental Health Care Plan Referrals accepted?

No, we do not accept Mental Health Care Plan referrals. If you’re interested in scheduling a session, please refer to the full fees listed under Services.

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Novo Empower Counselling Values


Dedicated to provide support and empower our clients in taking steps to create positive, fulfilling, growth, and happiness in their relationships and lives.


We deeply care about our clients and take the time to really listen and understand their feelings, perspectives, behaviours and use this to guide our actions.

Diversity and Inclusion

We strongly value every clients’ well-being and strive to provide a professional, supportive and inclusive environment in which everyone feels safe and welcomed.

Respect and Trust

We are committed to being present, connecting with transparency, trust and respect.

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